Rule Differences

Rule Differences between Camogie and Hurling

There are very few differences between the two games. The following are the main differences:

Playing gear

All Camogie players, including the goalkeeper, must wear the same jersey.

  • The goalkeeper in Hurling must wear a distinctive jersey.
  • Skirt/divided skirt/skort is worn in Camogie
  • Hurling: Shorts are worn


  • Camogie: Weight: 90-110 grams Size: 21cm in circumference
  • Hurling: Weight: 110-120 grams Size: 23-25cm


  • Camogie: Handpassed goal is allowed
  • Hurling: Handpassed goal is not allowed


  • Camogie: 45 metre is awarded
  • Hurling: 65 metre is awarded

Dropping the hurley

  • Camogie: Hurley may be dropped to handpass the sliotar provided it is not dangerous to do so
  • Hurling: It is a foul to drop the hurley to handpass


  • Camogie: Shouldering is not allowed
  • Hurling: Side–to-side charge is permitted

Flicking of Hurley in the air and on the ground

  • Camogie: A player may flick an opponent’s hurley from the ground or in the air with her own hurley
  • Hurling: It is a foul to tip an opponent’s hurley up with a player’s hurley or foot. It is also a foul to tip an opponent’s hurley in the air